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11.03.2017 at 19:00

We with flowers, you with champagne dinner & folk dancegreet his lady of the Women’s Day!

Cold champagne and hot atmosphere awaits guests!Live Music: Hits, songs, Hungarian folk songs, rollicking songs.

Details can be viewed:2017 Womansday Ball


Winter discount prices

valid:01.10.-31-10. and 01.03.-30.04.

except: 23th of October,  New Years or Easter periode

Offer valid from 1st of January 2017 until withdrawn

Details can be viewed: 2016-2017 Winters Package






Other services & prices:

— > Dog, cat, or other animal which does not disturb the other guests tranquillity: HUF 1.500.-/animal/day

— > Parking area front of the Panzio: free, closed by night

— > We offer our guests discounted SPA ticket: HUF 1.400.-/ticket

The panzio is located in the SPA area, but SPA isn’t our property.

Our prices are in Hungarian Forint (HUF), actual exchange rate:  300 HUF / EUR


Welcomes You and awaits the full pansion – restaurant staff.

Tel./ Fax +36 -49 413-227

e-mail: panzio@




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