Wedding menu

on the occasion of his wedding guests for lunch, call us!



the wedding menu aperitif royal vodka or cognac, or Napoleon cherry stuffed cabbage soup ½ “újházy” 1 2 pork with sour cream and mushrooms, gnocchi gundel pancakes with coffee or cappuccino 3.370, ft main


wedding menu aperitif unicum or metaxa or carolains appetizer soup “újházy” Olivier, cooked meat, horseradish Sirloin of beef served with sautéed mixed platter, Turkey Breast with cheese, ham, pork chops, fried párizsiasan, has modeled himself mixed garnish potato chips, Autos, mixed salad Somló coffee or cappuccino 4.950 HUF, main
wedding menu aperitif jägermeister or whisky or baileys appetizer crépes tarragon grilled mixed platter of foie gras, vadmalacleves Kiev Turkey Breast tenderloin stroganoff, mashed potatoes with balsamic vinegar, mixed salad, coffee or cappuccino sundae 5900 ft main
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