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Medical Treatments

In the new Therapy Section, which opened in May of 2005, our guests can use various services: some of them are only available for guests with medical prescriptions, but we also provide certain services for those who don’t have prescription. In the Bath, there is a surgery, where one can visit the rheumatologist two times a week. In the Therapy Section there are 12 massage booths and 9 underwater massage tub. There are also 3 tubs with curative water for those who won’t be going into the pools. In the weight bath there are hangers for 8 people and an elevator to assist any handicapped visitor to enter the pool. There are 9 beds for mud-pack as well. The under-water massage, the weight bath and the tub treatment last for 15 minutes, the mud-pack for 30 minutes.

Treatments supported by the he National Health Insurance Fund:

Medicinal bath

Medicinal Tub


Mud-pack is a special form of balneo-therapy. The mud, which contains organic sulphur in large quantities, increases positive chemical and physical effects. It is a special material which has a very slow thermal uptake and dissipation. The thermal adjustment of the warm mud is usually 42 °C. It improves the circulation, replaces the missing minerals in the organism. The mud-pack treatment may be given only with medical prescription.

Weight Bath

This is a method of treatment and prevention for spinal- and lower limb arthritic problems in 34-35 oC water. The weights are placed on the ankle and on the waist, while the patient is hung, thereby the straight parts are the spin are stretched, and the muscles and the joints of the foot are relieved.


Effervescent bath

During the treatment carbonic acid is let into the tub, so the tiny bubbles improve the carbon-dioxide saturation of the skin. The heart action slows down, blood pressure decreases the load on the heart. It has amazing relaxing effect.


Medical massage

Under-water massage (tangentor)

Under-water treatment, jet massage that is practical with thermal or medicinal water but tap water is also suitable. The water-jet directing to the right place improves the blood circulation, gives massage to the muscles, releases the stuck issues, regenerates the state of the skin and improves the well-being.

Corrective-gymnastic therapy in water

Complex balneo-therapy service

Medical swimming in a group (under the age of 18)


Sauna armbands can be bought at the counters.

The temperature of the sauna is equipped with electric stove approaches 100 C. After labour it helps to relax the muscles, and to remove toxins. Normal sauna etiquette consists of: use of a towel and swim-suit and to speak with a moderated or subdued voice. The slippers should be left outside the sauna
Whoever has high blood-pressure, would be advised to avoid the traditional/ Finnish sauna, regardless it is heated by electric or old-fashioned stove. Because of the high temperature the blood pressure increases, so it isn’t worth to risk. The temperature of the infra-sauna is not higher than 50-60 Celsius, so it can be used by those for whom the traditional sauna would be dangerous.


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