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Hímer Thermal Hotel in Mezőkövesd !

Dear Guest,

With this material we would like to introduce lodging and boarding possibilities granted by the HÍMER Termál Panzió Étterem (HÍMER Thermal Hotel Restaurant), and also the recreation and recovery facilities ensured by the Zsóry Spa and Open-Air Swimming Pool. The Country Rheumatism Hospital can be found cca. 100 meters from the hotel.

Our guests can enjoy resting in 2-3 and 4-bed rooms, which are equipped with lavatory-basin, shower and W.C. Each rooms has colour television (TV set can be switched over to Hungarian, English, German and Polish languages or in case of need to other languages as well) and refigerator with mini bar. We can ensure the recreation of 43+12 guests at the same time. Some of the rooms can be equipped by spare beds. Student’s groups can be lodged in room for 30 persons. Number of rooms is continouosly increasing. The indicated prices do contain the tourist tax as well.

The hotel and the restaurant are open from 0 to 24 o’clock. From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. variety of meals is complete, from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. the choice of meals is somewhat reduced. Our restaurant can host 130 + 40 guests, its wide variety of meals meets every requirement, our guests can choose from among cca. 70 meals. In summer we run a self-service restaurant for 300 persons as well. Accomodation and meal prices are very favourable. We can grant 5-10% commission to groups and mediatory partners.

Guests staying in the hotel during low tourist season and WINTER are granted 10-40% discount on accomodation price. Our hotel can be found within the area of the spa, 50 m from the pools.

Our special dishes: with the offer of main chef

  • “Zsóry” dish

  • “Kövesdi” old style roast pork

  • “Thermal” dish

  • “Thermal” turkey breast

  • “Tardi” speciality

Treatment facilities in the Rheumatism Hospital:

The Country Rheumatism Hosptial can be found cca. 100 meters from the hotel. We have contractual relationship with hospital for medical treatments. It is a general practice that our partners take advantage of the treatments through us. The expenses related to hospital treatments – in case the patient is sent by the doctor – are covered either in part or in whole by the social insurance. The treatment fees are low.

There is possibility for cures involving 14,28 or 42 treatments, in the frame of 1,2 or 3 week’s treatment package (2 treatments / day).


“Zsóry” can be found between Budapest and Miskolc along the main traffic road No. 3, on the border of Borsod and Heves counties. One can turn off the motorway M3 either at Füzesabony (112 Km) or at Mezőkövesd to the main road No. 3. The word famous natural medicinal water is thermal water that contains calcium magnesium hydrogencarbonate free carbonic acid. Owing to the outsandingly high content of sulphide sulphur it belongs to the group of sulphureous mineral waters. The medicinal waters of the Mezőkövesd Zsóry strand and thermal baths have been used succesfully for decades in the terarmant of rheumatic diseases, articular inflammations, abrasions, neuralgia, various gynaecological complaints and also for supplementary treatment after orthopedic operartion, sporting injuries.

  • calcium has an effect for reducing local inflammation, it is suitable for curing rheumatic complaints,

  • special indication areas of chloride are the general strenghtening of the organism, it has animating and resistance increasing effect,

  • blood pressure decreases owing to the vein widening effect of sulphur, the water’s sulphur content has an animating effect on breathing,

  • its impatct on the rheumatic and skin diseases are well-known,

  • as a drinking cure: the organism can take significant amount of calcium, that furthers lime metabolism of bones, besides the above the water has an effect for reducing inflammation especially in cases of gastric and intestine troubles, cystitis and inflammation of pelvis of the kidney.

Medical services of the bath:

  • weight-bath,

  • massage,

  • tub-bath

  • tangentor,

  • mud pack,

  • chiropody,

  • sauna.

The spa is open throught the year every day from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the exception of Monday.

In summer from 1 May to 30 September. The open-air swimming pool is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day. In pleasant surrouindngs the spa awaits its kind guests with covered and open warm water pools, round pool, swimming-pool with artificial waves, giant slide, covered swimming-pool and sauna.

Water’s temperature:

  • Spa: 36-40 oC,

  • Swimming-pool: 25-27 oC

  • Round pool: 24 oC

  • Twin-pool: 30-33 oC

According to wishes we undertake the organisation of other services as well:

  • Ethnography, traditional costumes, sights of Mezőkövesd

  • Monuments and curiosities of the surrounding area

  • Spa and curiosities of Eger town, theatre and castle (19 km)

  • Spa of Miskolctapolca (40 km)

  • Stalactite cave of Lilafüred (40 km)

  • National Park of Bükk (10 km)

  • Spa of Bogács (12 km)

  • Exercusion in the “Puszta” (25 km)

  • Lake Tisza (19 km)

  • Sight of any town or village in Hungary in the are of “Big Hungary”

  • Sight of Budapest, the Opera House in Budapest and spectacless in theatre

  • Rent of car

  • Organisation of evenings with music band in the restaurant

  • Induvidual request

Should you wish to have colourfull programmes and make your stay in Hungary more delightfull, we are at your disposal in ensuring guide and interpreter.

We wish you a pleasant rest, recovery and joyfull entertainment:

Hímer Klíma / Hímer Thermal Hotel Restaurant

Zsigmond Hímer / Managing director

Tel./Fax: 00-36-49/413-227 Tel.: 00-36-49/313-221


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