Special discounts for children 0-4 years free, 4-10 years of age 50, 10-14 years of age 30 off the price of the accommodation and meal! the discount cannot be combined with the felnőttkedvezménnyel!

Nice card, vouchers, meal tickets, etc. We accept!

honeymoons in the gift of a separate pension sh HA!

the b & b is within the pools, but the Spa is not in the company.

dog, cat, or other animal which does not disturb the other guests tranquillity of 1,200.

the other day a free-open,closed parking service: 1.000.-/day

indoor swimming pool, 1.500.-/ closed days

27-28 c 30-33, (c), outdoor and indoor pools, 36, 38, 40 (c), sauna, 50 m from the sea.

night bathing option 10 persons, 3 hours. the main entrance of 1,700 in 2012, watch films. Youth, 1,500 people, 4-18 years of age, family ticket purchase is available. We offer our guests discounted rates at the fürdőjegyet, there are currently 1,500 ft main

the b & b is located in the spa area of the Spa is not our property.

welcomes you and awaits the full pension restaurant staff.

Tel. fax +36 -49 413-227,

e-mail: panzio@


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